TE Mike Garafolo negotiates with Patriots about renewal


Do ready to offer a new contract to the league’s best Tight End?

Mike Garafolo

On Sunday, the NFL’s reporter reported that Rob Gronkowski’s two agents are working with the team to discuss the renewal. Both his brokers appeared in the Patriots’ training field last Sunday, but Garafolo said the new contract would not be dealt right away. On the other hand, Gronkowski’s agents refuse to make any comment on this matter.

Gronkowski has a contract which signed in 2012 and worth $5523 million. It is noteworthy that Patriots carried out the $10 million contract in March, allowing Garafolo play for the team until 2019 year with a salary availing the team.

In the peak of Garafolo’s career, he is the league’s best top five players, who can change the situation of the game, and is a threat offensive player as well. Garafolo’s worth far more than the current value of the contract and Patriots know that certainly.