Seahawks still trying to find an Lynch’s alternative


No one can be sure of Marshawn Lynch’s return because of his eccentric character, but at least for the need to find someone to replace the running back.

Player Doug Baldwin said:” We are not ready to replace him, no substitute for his personal, his attitude, his charisma, his ability on the pitch.”

Marshawn Lynch

Lynch chose to retire at the age of 30 after missing lots of games with injuries. The Seahawks tried to replace his contribution, his attitude and his yards on the ground. Thomas Rawls, who ran 830 yards last season, will miss all of the preseasons. So the Seahawks is still in need of finding another running back.

Baldwin concluded by saying:” He is a binder in the locker room, he said little, he is not the kind of people who can rant, but when he spoke everyone listened carefully, we have no such a person.”

Perhaps the Seahawks are ready to accept DaVonte Lynch who is Lynch’s brother.